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The Scrambled Legs

The Scrambled Legs

First, just a big thanks for even taking the time to visit this link. You are a good friend to have even taken the time to check this out.

But NOW that your here, we'd love it if you would consider making a donation!!

We are hiking 26 miles on the Bay Area Ridge Trail -- a planned 550-mile multi-use trail along the hill and mountain ridgelines ringing the San Francisco Bay Area, in Northern California. When complete, the trail will connect over 75 parks and open spaces and will circumnavigate the San Francisco Bay.

Today, 375 miles of the trail are complete and can be hiked by you! You can help the dream become a reality by making a donation to support our team and the Bay Area Ridge Trails.


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Sorry I'm late, guys!
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Go get 'em Team Johnson. Making a difference by the way you live your lives! You make us proud and you inspire us all to do more.
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Good luck, I’m supporting you Johnson family, (on layover from Singapore to Bangalore)
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