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Michael Irvine

Michael Irvine

Thank for coming to this page and for donating to protect and provide access to open space across the Bay Area. For the 7th year I am participating in this very fun and important fundraiser and I invite you to join me with a donation.

The Bay Area Ridge Trail Council's mission is to create a continuous 550+-mile trail for hikers, mountain bicyclists, and equestrians along the ridge lines overlooking San Francisco Bay. With over 375 miles of trail open and PERMANENTLY protected, a lot of wonderful work has been done...but there is still more to do!

As an avid hiker and lover of the outdoors I feel it is my duty to support this important work. That is why I have chosen to once again hike 26-miles in one day to raise money and awareness for this great cause. I have set a new, higher, goal this year and I know you can help me achieve it. My goal is to raise $50 per mile or $1,300 total. Whether you can support me for one mile, multiple miles, or a portion of a mile, your support will be greatly appreciated not just by me, but by the generations of Bay Area residents that will be able to enjoy these trails and protected spaces.

Won't you join me!?


raised of $1,300 goal

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1. TMTom Macdonald
2. JRJohn And Rachelle Rowland
3. SRSusan T Rolling
We heard you had an early start! Way to go! Love Sue & Steve
4. ?Anonymous
5. JMJane McDonough
6. JRJessica Rolling
Great job! From Kyle and Jessica