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Please sponsor me for RtB 2019!

Matthew Zinn

Matthew Zinn

Hi there. I'm going to be running Ridge to Bridge on April 6 and would be deeply grateful to have you sponsor me. (Or sign up yourself and join me for a run, hike, mountain bike ride, or horseback ride!)

As a member of the board of the Bay Area Ridge Trail Council, I'm proud to report that we've increased the mileage of trail completed to 375, out of approximately 550 miles. We need your help to finish the loop. The low hanging fruit has largely been picked. For example, many of the remaining miles will require public-private partnerships to allow the trail to cross private open space lands. This will be hard work and we can't do it without support from donors like you.

Thanks in advance for your contribution!



raised of $7,000 goal

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1. MDMichael Doyle
Matt, Well done. Sorry for my delay. MOD
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Go Matt Go!
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Good luck, Matt!