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Janet Mcbride

Janet McBride

This year I have challenged one of our board members (Matt Zinn)— who is also our most successful Ridge to Bridge fundraiser—to a showdown!

A little bit about me: I am a hiker, public service employee, wildflower seeker, animal lover (especially puppies!), enjoyer of 360° views, and a first time Ridge to Bridge participant (I've worked all the past years!)!

The Bay Area Ridge Trail is creating a 550+ mile trail around San Francisco Bay on the ridgelines. Hundreds of miles are open to enjoy today. Can you make a donation to my Ridge to Bridge fundraiser to help complete the final 175 miles? Together we can make a difference!

Join me in person--or virtually--at Ridge to Bridge this year on the Ridge Trail!

Thank you!



raised of $1,500 goal

Recent Donations

1. KJKaren Johnson
Go Janet1
2. BBBrenda Buxton
Keep up the good work!
3. ABAlison Barnsley
Hike, Janet, hike!
4. PFPeggy Fong
Janet, Enjoy the wildflowers and the 360 degree views!
5. BCBryant Corwin
6. LLLinda Lu
Cheering for you, Janet! Everyone wins with this challenge. Enjoy Ridge to Bridge and hope to see you on the trail sometime!