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26 miles, $2400 in 2019

Jay Bailinson

Jay Bailinson

This is my 7th. year for R2B (did not participate in 2014s--family reasons). Always completed 26 miles, except for last year. Dropped out at 14+ miles. Reasons: legs shot, will gone and really tired. Not enough training and to much trail work/tree processing after the 2017 Napa Fire. No excuses. Simply my reality. Thus if I am committed to R2B and the focus of helping through donations to bring the BARTC closer to completing the 550 mile circumnavigation of the Bay Area. I must focus on training, giving my best during the hike and seeking donations to complete my fundraising goal of $2400. If you can help with a donation. I will help with the training and hiking.
Happy Trails, Happy People. Go Outside and Play (hike the Ridge Trail).--Jay


raised of $2,400 goal

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Here is a bump to get you closer...
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Thanks for always being such a trailwork rock star, Jay!
5. KKarl Sanrich
Unc J, Happy my birthday present is helping you raise money to support the Trails.
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