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Jay's 8th R2B hike

Jay Bailinson

Jay Bailinson

By the page title you can see this is my 8th year of participating in the Ridge to Bridge fundraising hike for the Bay Area Ridge Trail. As of this writing 380 miles are open today, with a goal of 550-mile continuous trail on the ridgelines overlooking San Francisco Bay. I've not only hiked some of the trails. I have worked on them as well.
This year I will be hiking the 24 mile course. With your help I will not only complete the hike, but reach my goal of $2400 of donations from you for maintaining, sustaining and increasing the amount of trails on the
Ridge Trail.
I appreciate whatever amount you can donate towards my fundraising efforts. Also, I appreciate your supportive thoughts during the hike.
Happy Trails and Go Outside and Play (on the Ridge Trail). Jay


raised of $2,400 goal

Recent Donations

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Thanks Jay for raising money for the Ridge Trail
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5. wwendy
6. AKAnne Kuschner
Thank you Jay for your continued work to make alll of our lives better. Good luck on your hike!! I am happy to make this donation.